Pool Closing


One-on-one 'Pool School' $249.

Group 'Pool School' is only $99/person (six person minimum).

We offer a very important service for anyone with the desire to learn about swimming pool maintenance. Over the years we have fielded many requests - how does my pool work? How do I keep it clean? Our initial pool schools were informal and loosely organized. Now we have developed a structured hands on program. We have also recently added a group pool school option

Our training program allows you to understand your pool like never before. We clearly describe the fundamentals of swimming pool operation. Our sessions are fun and engaging-using helpful analogies to demystify apparent complexity.

Furthermore, we delve into water treatment processes and best practices. Keeping your water crystal clear will no longer be a challenge.

To complete the course, we will demonstrate the best way to clean your pool.

As an added bonus, we have a digitally delivered file for you to use as reference.

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