Our maintenance program ensures a clean and safe swim for the whole season. This is a weekly pool cleaning, water testing and balancing service. The following is our process.

Firstly, the top water line is brushed to prevent a scum line from forming. Trouble spots will be scrubbed as needed with a cleaning agent.
Any floating debris is skimmed and the skimmer basket is emptied.
A top to bottom vacuum of all pool surfaces and brushing if necessary.
Sand filters are backwashed every visit and pump basket is emptied.
Water is tested using a "Taylor" kit (the same they use in all pool stores). Every visit we test Chlorine/Bromine, Ph, Alkalinity and salt level if applicable. Additionally, we test calcium hardness, phosphates and cyanuric acid levels as required. Our cleaning pros are trained to balance your water appropriately based upon test results. Our technicians will add any required chemicals. These will be billed to you at competative prices. (view price list in "Prices" section.)
Lastly, a door card is left upon completion of the visit. This "report card" for your pool contains water test results, chemicals added and any other important information. Check you door card after every visit.